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Foshan strong quartz co.,Ltd. Professional Australian gas station manufacturers,Reliable :STRONGQUARTZ was founded in 2008 and started the quartz stone business, with more than 10 years of production experience, stable quality products, and more than 10 R&D personnel to develop new designs to meet various client need .



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This product offers varieties kinds of decorative embellishments and provides users with additional styles and textures, such as embroidery.


1.What’s your delivery term?
2.Is OEM service available?
OEM service is welcome.
3.What’s the MOQ?
For Quartz slabs, usually 50 slabs/ color. And for Quartz countertops, It depends on the detail requirements.


1.Stable quality and good service: The products are rich in colors and affordable prices. STRONGQUARTZ keeps up with the latest designs and provides customized color service.  enjoy a high reputation in the market with stable quality and timely delivery.
2.Professional team: A group of professional sales teams has been engaged in foreign trade for more than ten years, with a large customer base, well-known market trends, and better serve customers.
3.Provide Strong products: STRONGQUARTZ standard slab sizes are 126"*63" (3200*1600mm) and 118"*55" (3000*1400mm), and other customized sizes (2200~3200mm) *(1000~1600mm) are also available. Especially we can supply the fabricating service, Produce Kitchen tops, Vanity tops, fabricated tops for different projects.
4.Pre-sales support: Free samples are available if the client required them. Provide detailed information and price timely.

About Foshan strong quartz co., Ltd.

Strong quartz is manufactured from a combination of the best nature can offer and superior technology. With a composition of 93% quartz crystals for a high level of polish and good resistance to heat, the dense, compact materials result in minimal air pockets which makes it resistant to shock, scratching, and staining. It has the feel and weight of natural stone with a color consistency better than any natural stone. Strong quartz is quite different from ordinary artificial stone, The hardness toughness is closer to natural stone as the natural quartz is up to 93%, and no radiation in the modern environmental protection concept, which is green and environment-friendly stone materials based on natural quartz sand and quartz powder. long-term anti-fouling, easy to clean; wear, fire, compression; no radiation, is a new type of environmentally friendly product. Rich colors, complete specifications, is the best choice for cabinet countertops, bathroom countertops, wall, floor decoration. And according to the guests to provide the design and size of various types of desktop panels.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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